Hey, I'm Troy McClure!


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Aalborg, Denmark
Hey there UK friends!

My name is Martin, I'm 24 and I reside in Aalborg, Denmark... Just across the lake from you guys!

On the internet I'm known as DeathPosture, and you might have seen me @ psynews.org, isratrance.com or ektoplazm.com where I've been for years...

I've been lurking around this forum from time to time, and I've posted my first post in the review forum. Check out the UK Trance compilation thread here!

So eh, that's just about it really... Just wanted to let you all know that I'm here... Thank you!

:welcome: to this Forum Martin!

You wont find a Fluffier place around!

Have fun and enjoy your stay!

Hi there DP :welcome: to the forum, glad to have you here :Grin:
hey troy McClure.. i know you from such forums as isratrance :Smile3: nice to see you here too :Smile3:
Thank you all for the kind welcome... You're most kind... I think I'm going to really like it here... ;o)

Oh, and Red Five... No worries at all mate... We've moved on now... ;o)

Happy thoughts!

A belated :welcome: :Smile3:
:welcome: Are u the rabbit or the dog? there's loads of animals on this forum, where not speciesest here. :P
:welcome: DP!
It's a really international forum, too! :Smile3:
Hey DP, long time my friend. Welcome aboard, enjoy and leave the Quacken at the door :Wink3:
DP, wotcher mate, welcome aboard, and listen to Goagabba, leave the Quacken outside :Wink3: Toasters on the other hand....... :peace:
wossup DP
The other forums are great but the psyforum is GREATTT!!

enjoy :Smile3: :Smile3: :Smile3:
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Colin OOOD @ Mar 29 2004, 11:09 AM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> I'm afraid the Quacken is already here amongst us, my friends. Only the Marmoset Army can give us any hope. [/quote:6e9cf83e57]
You telling me we're going to have to contact Roopak and co???