hey just arrived in London


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hi, ive just wanted to say the forum looks great, i ve just arrived london couple of days ago for my masters etc. might stay more than a year. coming from Malta, we have quite a few nice parties going on. had great fun and wanna continue doing so during my stay in London :Smile3: hopefully i integrate fast. hope to meet yall sometime. see ya. boom


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Hello psycake, welcome to the forum and also welcome to London!! woo!

I'm sure you'll meet lots of people quickly, everyones really lovelly on here, so many new friends coming your way soon! yeay!

I'm only living in london for a few more days now, off back to uni for my final yr in textile art in Winchester...not to far , so will be up in the big smoke most wkends!:iheyhey:

Have fun on here and wooo hooo welcome

hugz x


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Hey psycake!!!
Welcome to the forum,
and a big welcome to london aswell

So your from malta?
wowzee.... i was over there this summer
just for a week though.
its beautiful.
stayed in melliaha bay
visited the blue lagoon
toook lots of pictures while i was out there....
but hey, big greetings from me
here in london too....

You have come to the right place,
can't add too much more to what erin has said.
lovely people here,
and lovely parties...

hope to catch you at one hun...

where abouts in london are you staying?

but yeap.
check the parties section...
might see something you fancy...

all the best, liz xxxxx


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malta is sweet, had great time and great friends over there, missin it right now. actually im not exactly in london, im in guildford. 30 minutes south in surrey area. the parties they all look good to me, cant wait to join the crowd. goin to camden town today, gone check around.. dont knw anyone here yet that can accompany me in the parties. might come alone and meet yall there.


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i'm not surprised your missing malta, deffo a lovely place.
didn't go to any parties when i was out there though,
heard about a few though.

lol i'm going to camden later on today
meeting my friend for a quick tea/coffee
also neeed to go and pick something up...
make sure you explore it all over,
its good that your going on a day like today
as if you were to go on the weekend...
it would be much more crouded

You should deffinately just come along
to a party and meeet people there...
everyone is friendly enough, hehe...


take care hun xx


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welcome to London

I think London is the BEST place to live in the whole world and you are so lucky to be here. Plus you are bound to meet so many people on the forum that you will never be stuck for friends!!!!

Big love



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Psycake said:
might come alone and meet yall there.

Really REALLY worked for me :Smile3:

Welcome to PsyForum :ibiggrin:


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hehe tomorrow night , i will be at brixton hill for the iboga party, hope to see u there :Smile3: ive started loving london already :p


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aww hun... have fun... won't be at that party though... ! ! !
will deffo catch you at the next party in london though
next friday at psy DMT in camden,
i think its next friday... liquid records night...
make sure your there... hehe

don't quote me on the party dates, i'm rubbish with that...
i'll find out though and let you know...
liquid parties are lots of fun.. :Grin: