Hey, Ott!


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Last night I put on Blumenkraft in a guesthouse in Phnom Penh.... and it was VERY well received indeed! The couple who run the place (and their extended family who had materialised for a protracted drinking session) loved it and kept asking me if it was Khmer music (which is fucking hilarious considering most Khmer music sounds like it was produced on a casio keyboard in about 10 minutes).... anyways.... seems like there's a market for you to exploit out here...

PS Don't worry - its on NetMD so no piracy!
time for more...

Um, while we're barking stuff at you Ott, may I take this moment to tell you it's time for another album now. Please :Smile3:

I'm still REALLY loving Blumenkraft, but the nation's chillout rooms are becoming like a homage to Ott. Nobody seems able to resist playing a couple of tunes from Blumenkraft, meself included, and I'm just hungering for a big ol' slab of new stuff.

Pull yer finger out :P
time for more...

bez23 said:
it's time for another album now. Please :Smile3:

I know i know..!

Too much shagging and partying and writing facile nonsense on psy-forum - but it is getting there.


hey ott :P
we had some bump n grind to blumenkraft last night innit...woohooo yeah!


hope we get blumenbabies in 9 munfs :wub:
I have a NetMD doohicky.

It has various advantages in that you can record to MD from PC without the use of a line in, or optical in, which apparently is better ( :huh: ), and the tracks are copy protected. It also records an entire CD in a ridiculously short amount of time, so no more pressing play and walking away. You can't copy them more than three times from the 'puter unless you check them back in from the disc.

This works great, until the cradle for the player breaks, you realise that if you are going to copy it for your mate, chances are you'll burn a CD, as it's cheaper than MD, and sounds better, and you can't delete the MD if you want to put something else onto it. You cannot re-install the software if it gets corrupted without erasing your entire Hard Drive, or getting verifacation from Sony, and I don't want sony poking about my Hard Drive.