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Hello all, i'm not overly great at this whole internet malarky!!!! so all this is a little new!
I'm Sy from Dover, I'm 17 and have only been to two parties.....sad moment....................that's enough!!! those two were amazing tho, SECT63 (Broadoak) and LIQUID 4th b-day!!!!
hope to see all of you one day!!!.....maybe the glade?
WOW!! you picked 2 smashing outdoor parties to start off on the scene. Nice one mate.

:welcome: to the forum and all things psychedelic :wizard1:
Well uve got good psy taste! :Wink3:

Welcome dude!

Skin up! :P
Hiya hugs n stuffs :Smile3: Hope u have lots of fun & enjoy meeting loads of us psy forum peoples oneday :Wink3:
welcome! :sun:

see ya at the glade :wizard1:
hi im new today too! i also went to the sect63 party ..FAB! i missed liquid last weekend cos i had to work! the pics look really good tho! xx