Hey there fellow Psy people!


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South UK
Hey there - I thought I'd introduce myself - Have been lookin at the forum for a couple of days - Looks really cool.

My name is Adam - I run a southern live act called 'Father' - I will be playin a back to back psy-NRG-freeform live set with Aum3 on the 29th - and am really looking forward to it! :Grin:

I played at the festi in the lake district (again, back to back with Aum3 (I was the one with the guitar)) a couple of weeks back - and met some WICKED people! I am really looking foward to seeing them (and some more new faces) again on the weekend.

My website (which is a little out of date at the moment) is http://www.sonicdecay.com - check it out!

Well - I dont really know what else to say other than I hope to see u all at parties in the near future, and have fun until then!! (if anyine wants to get in touch - email me on adamgoodlet@yahoo.co.uk)

Take it easy people! Hope to know you soon! :jump:

Oh yeah - and a MASSIVE THANK YOU!!!! to the Cicuitree people!!! The gigs we've played for you have been awesome!!!!! :tongue1: