Hey there peeps

space monkey

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Just wanted to say hello to all my fellow psychedelic troopers.
I'm from Hong Kong (a place that produces nothing but crap & pretty sap music), been living in London doing art school... My sister was the one who introduced me to this scene right before I came here, and I absolutely loved it, how could anyone not? It was Voov 2003 I think it was probably one of the most life-altering experiences of my life. (In a nut shell)
I've been going to quite few parties in London. If anyone remembers seeing a small chinese girl with long long hair dancing in the very front, that should be me.




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hey hey

and probely, really, london... Mmmm and No

(in a nut shell)


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hey hey!!!
welcome to the forum space monkey...
i think i've seen you,
i recognise the description anyway

Liz xx


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Welcome!! And that's about all I'm going to say, otherwise I'll start enquiring about whether you were on Sputnik?

Damn. I just did, didn't I?

Oh well - WELCOME!!


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Hi Space Monkey, and Welcome to the forum :Smile3:


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Hey there monkey!!! Happy surfing and hope to see ya around the forum! :Smile3: xxx

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Were you at the glade.
I did enjoy that. Very mush. Unfortunately at some point over the wqeekend I lost my crown. Has anyone seen it?

space monkey

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Hello your highness,

Unfortunately, I couldn't make to to the Glade. Was pretty skint from travelling. I did make it to Voov and Freedom Festival though.

I did manage to find your crown though...


Louis XIII

My crown!
How did that evil baby steal it from me?
I DEMAND it's return:

post to....
Loui's Royal Palace