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Hey there, my name is Nemco, or Robert... whichever you prefer, and I've been browsing the forum for a few days now, but this is actually my first post here.

I've been into psytrance and goatrance from around 1996 I think... had a pause of a few years but since the beginning of 2002 my addiction has been refuelled. So much even that I've taken up spinning psy-trance as well, and I'm currently in the process of replacing my old cd-players with Pioneer CDJ-800 players :Smile3:

It's taken me a long time to find a decent psytrance-community, but this really seems to be it... so expect to see a lot of me in that case :Smile3:


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Tis indeed a good community on here! :welcome: and enjoy buddy!

Have a spliff :smokingr: and some tea :drinking: :Smile3:


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Hi Robert & :welcome: to the forum!