hey up

Is there a Sheffield anywhere else than the UK? Like, Sheffield, Nebraska :tongue1: . Scrap that, there probably is actually :tongue1:

:welcome: to the forum, it gets most wicked once you start actually meeting the other folks on here because they are the loveliest crowd of people; funny, kind and cheeky. :welcome:
:wub: "ay up".!!!!.... :Grin: i love it...
dont know why mate, dont get me wrong, but that expression makes me crack up... hehehehe... i do love it
i was in huddersfield for a while.. and i think its great around there... people r so friendly and warm... (in contrast to the weather)... hehe... anyway welcome... hope you enjoy.... :bananada:

life is short.... party naked... :P :Wink3:... (maybe not a very good idea for sheffield)..
huddersfield is only just over the hill! your right, poeple are nice round here especially in our clubs. have you been to sheffield for a night out? Planet zogg is well recomended :speaker:

ps thanks all for the warm welcome :Wink3: