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Hi everyone, I'm a psytrance junkie from New Zealand. I've come over to the UK to experience the wonderful world of psy parties, as we only have 1 every 6 weeks at home :no: . I can have a g00d stomp to full on but I really lose myself with goa trance. The multiple melodies transport me to somewhere undescribably niiice :Grin:. Seems like I'm a few years too late getting into the scene, bring back the madness I say!

On that note I'm trying to learn how to produce trax, having a tough time tho, mad respect to all the (good :Wink3: ) producers out there.

Hope to see you at a party soon :Grin:

Howdy Howdy Howdy,
Enjoy your trancing in the uk
yo yo yo..big up that old school melody vibe!!!!

Take Care
have a happy time i hope you get some :sonne: and manage a bit of :drinking: with it!


huw xx
:lol: hello and welcome!

one of the best forums you cudda joined me finks':Wink3:

john xx x xx :sonne:
welcome mate!!! TELL US WHERE ABOUTS IN THE UK YOU ARE AND I'M SURE WE CAN DIRECT YOU TO SOME FANTABULOUS PSY PARTYS NEARBY VERY FAST! oops... hehe got a bit exited... i love new zealand! when i go there, i will bring more psy for the party people
Thanx for the warm welcome guys :Smile3:. I'm going to be staying near Bristol, much of a scene there? Well for this weekend at least eh with Hallucinogen & Ott & co its gonna be dope! This is why I came to the UK :Grin:.