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Hey everyone, just saying a big hello!I found this forum by accident, but it seems pretty cool! I love all types of parties, free or ticketed. Would be really happy if, just by chance, I could find someone from south east England.
Peace, Love, Light & Unity :peace:
:welcome: here! :Smile3:

Hope you'll find the partypeople, you're lookin' for... :Wink3:

Where abouts in the south east exactly?

Have fun on the forum


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woosh :wizard1:
where is winchester? north east? west south?

Well i know all us winchesterarians are south. But not quite sure where.
hello and happy welcome....im shit with geography so have no idea....hmm have fun on the forum though :Smile3:
Well howdy to ya! :welcome:


Love & light

Mrs B :Smile3:
South East? Well, you've got a large group of people on here from London, quite a few from Kent, Surrey, and a bogload in Sussex - based in and around Brighton (not to mention one or two from the Essex Riviera :Wink3: ) - so hopefully it shouldn't be too much of a problem...