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Hey everyone, my name's Dom, I'm 18 and i've been posting quite a bit on the tribe of frog forums recently but people were talking about this place and seeing as it's now back up i figured i'd register. You'll never guess what but i'm into psy-trance! but alongside that pretty much a bit of every genre under the sun (nearly).
I'm in my second year of a-levels and am planning on going to uni to study philosophy (if i get the grades - very doubtful). I like to read philosophy among other things. I live in arse end of everywhere.....northampton. I like making fractals and dabble in flash animation too.

I think that's more than enough mundane rubbish about me now but it's nice to be here and i hope to get to know some of you guys soon. :Smile3:

Happy Posting.
Ello :Grin:

We have things in common :o (we like psy and Im just about to sit my A Levels - eeeeek!) You have things in common with my boyf too....yey!

Anyway, enuff rambling, :welcome::cooljump:

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Welcome, and good luck with your A'Levels :Wink3:

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yeah good luck with the A Levels m8y it'll all be worth it. Welcome to the forum