Heyzie u funki ppl!


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SE Kent
hiiiiyyyyyaaaa!!! lol, im Lickle Laura from Kent, an i was introduced to the wonderful world of Class As at the beginnin of the summa.
How did i ever live without them?!?!?!
anywayz, went to my first psy-trance rave at the SE1, Antiworld vs Psygate on Sat............
Fuck me, ive never felt more comfortable an in better compani in my life, thanks to all the ppl who went an helped me to embrace the music an i'm dyin to go to the nxt!! Mwah!

x Lawzie B x
welcome to our world of the psychedelic sounds :Grin:
lots more fun to be had :Wink3: :Grin:
Eh Up!!! :Grin:

:welcome: to the party land!!! :speaker:

Tons of great Psy-Trance out there! Enjoy!!! :sun:
Hi Lawzie!
Have fun! :Smile3:

hello Laura, welcome and enjoy all the good parties still to be had! like choppa said, once you start... :punk:
:welcome: lickle Laura, I live in Kent too!

Hope you enjoy

Dont be shy :Wink3:

Love & Light

Mrs B :Smile3: