floatin barefoot fairy!
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North London
this is da very very amazin story of the great need to wash the dirty hippie! ( ie; moi!)

messy sketched out Erin-mya staggers about all week across the muddy fields of winchester from her ickle green flowery painted caravan to her farty of da arts school wearing nothing but her dreadlocks and old curtains, crusted week old knickers firmly in her handbag awaiting the use of a m8z washin machine!
Erin-mya most dayz sneaks in da gym2 lather and clense the hippie grime much 2 da annoyance of the orange faced reception girlz!
@ da weekendz she will pack a rucksack of the obvious essencial items; coulourful wings, flowers, massage oil, tea, da blend of da golden virgin, boots4 wen it starts to get a bit cold! bog roll & her well endoweld purple glittery friend Augustus!and head on her way2 fuck knowz where! usually in da company of the crazies of winchester folk!
If u r not familier with Erin-mya u may av seen her flying through da wirling skies of da glade or runnin amongst da blue fields of da lake district or dancin practically naked @wingmakers! alwayz blk bare feet&strippin her clothes off in da sweaty smiley mass of floaty beautiful people!

love & fluffy sparklez 2 all u scrumy folk on da psy forum love Erin-mya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hello Erin my dear! I thought you were already on the forum?

Oh well :welcome: back! See you soon no doubt.

:sun: :wizard1: :hihug:
Welcome to da forum :Smile3:

hello erin!!!
:welcome: Erin, winchester massive kicks ass! :wub:

Millie xx
is that erin as in erin who resides chez monsieur michael?
greetings and merry salutations...

wilkommen to da best psy forum about....

cool story

all you winchester folk are bonkers....... :P ..........enjoy the forum :Grin:
welcome...what a great introduction! :Grin: john
:wow: I love the story of Erin-mya :lol1:

:welcome: :hihug: