hi again =P


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Hey Patricio :welcome: to the forum looking forward to seeing you play at Omniscience. Will buy you a drink and have a chat. :sun:


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Hello, glad you like it here - roll on Nov 5th, can't wait!

:clubjump: :bananada: :cooljump: :bananada: :clubjump:


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Earthling said:
Hello, glad you like it here - roll on Nov 5th, can't wait!

:clubjump: :bananada: :cooljump: :bananada: :clubjump:

=) im looking fwd to that party too :Grin: can´t wait to meet all this wonderful people ive heard so much about.
:bananada: :clubjump: :bananada:

(and for that chat with u too) :peace: :wub:


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seems like its going to be fun

omniscience said:
hi and welcome to the forum see u on the 5th xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :wizard1:

:bananada: :jump: :bananada: :smokingr:

see u there 4 sure :Grin:


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Hi Tron & :welcome: to the forum - have a great party at Omni


Hi tron and welcome
looking forward to your set at omniscience xxxxxxx :wizard1:


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yaaay thanks everyone 4 your support :Grin: im looking fwd to that party as well :Smile3:
i am really bad with words (specially in english) so im very brief with my posts... (i would like to say much more things, but its a little dificult for me to express all this ideas in other language than spanish) but i sure feel like home here; no matter which side u drive here or what language is spoken here

thankyou very much to all :jump: :hehe:
i cya on omni



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With music and love language is never a problem. :Smile3:

hey Patricio your spelling is better than mine lol <laugh out loud>


Tron, the young Mexican cat stealer !!!!!

since Trons been at our place, my cat hasn't left his side....bless !

Welcome to the UK Dude. hope Robins Mexican food is ok for you. How about some nice fish 'n chips.


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robin`s mexican is lush :Grin: everybody should try that hot sauce and her enchiladas theyre delicious :Smile3:

hehehe and btw; zukie is going to mexico with me m8 i already arranged a big space on my bags and i think he`s up to it as well...
:ph34r: :runsmile:

i had a great time at bristol`s black swan yesterday night; mat v played an excellent live PA, and everyone was so nice that i couldn`t complain at all :partysmi:

cya all at omni have a nice week :sun:


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Hola Patricio!

I heard you in Bristol, we met in Maidstone, and we're gonna meet again at Baraka; in fact, you and Ross may be travelling with me to Oxford from London. I hope so. - I'm the old guy with no hair...

:bananada: Much looking forward to it,

Hasta luego...



Yay! Looking forward to meeting you at Baraka. You are very privileged, I'm wearing pixie wings for you and I NEVER do that...

I'm a mermaid see :hehe: :welcome:

Hugs, Tortoise xxx


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:welcome: Tron!

It was good to meet you on sunday and hear your interesting peyote information. It was the best night I've been to in edinburgh in ages!

Take care dude hope our paths cross again before you go back home.

Hello Tron :Grin:

Just spotted this thread so thought I'd :welcome: you too!

Hope you had a good time in Scotland...and have recovered from airport dwelling :Wink3:

See you soon