hi all u party people


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hi everyone

as u must have guessed its my first time on here..lol

i am not that computer savy but just starting to use my pc for finding out about whats going on in the psy world

i have been hanging out in goa for the past 5/6 years on and off.

not been partying in the uk much /except for glade last year((((((awsome party)))):ibiggrin: :ibiggrin:

it was a real family event for me as i was there with my little girl kicking up some dust on the trance floor,you may have seen here there ,a little 6 year old blonde dairy ,she was on my shoulders most of the time putting spelly on everyone.

well hope i have not bored you to much


if you are at the glade this year and see a little fairy on the dance floor look for the old hippy with her and say hello,,,that will be me..lol

c yah

peace ................

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Hello :Smile3: