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Hi all - me and my partner Geoff are converts from hard house, and before that ...Goth rock, and before that.....punk and reggae and before that.....Led Zeppelin, Steve Hillage and Hawkwind - ohmygodwearesoooo-old! Nice to find a forum that talks about the things we love, and hope to participate as much as I can - Geoff can't because he's a builder - they don't tend to carry laptops around with them - but can speak on his behalf! Not sure how to add graphics etc yet but working on it :lmao: off to Full Moon Festival this year (did Sunrite in Spain last year - those fresh figs were very tasty) - hopefully c some of u guys there? :peace: peace love and very large bullfrogs from Deb xx
Welcome to you both Dr Deb. Many a consultation can be found here and plenty of medicinal remedies to soothe the mind
Keep the stomp machine rolling.