Hi!!!! :D

ok so i didnt say nothin about me lol....newayz.....ummm wot am i? am a lil bit of everythin @ the moment, muzician, artizt (CGI) & web designer .....I write trance(well duh!) but slightly different, kinda psykadelic trance / DnB hybrid....sound interesting? check it out @ www.cre8ex.com/misztifiedmind coming in August....se wot ya think :Grin: also i do graphic design...which u can see @ my site az well, an I am a professional web designer....so if you wana site created :Grin: let me know....peace 2 ya all.....x x x x x x x x miszty x x x x x x x x x
Hi there!! Enjoy.......... :Grin:
Hey miszt :Smile3:

Glad to have another psy nerd on the forum :Wink3: nice web site.

Welcome miszt

Enjoy :Smile3:

Love & Light

Mrs B
hello mate come and take a seat B)
welcome miszt, you're just in time for a communal spliff :smoke: :smoke: :smoke:
Hello John, welcome aboard.
Not seen you for ages, have to correct that :Grin: