Hi everybody!


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Hey Groovy people,
Just thought I'd introduce myself. My names Gemma (Gem) and have been away from the scene for a few months:icry:.
But I'm back now and can't wait for the wkend at Jack's and maybe Synergy on Friday nite too!
So everyone have a good week and maybe see you on the dance floor, at the front of course:bananada:.


Hey there gem, welcome to the forum. Won't be at either of those nights, I won't say "sadly" cos I'm looking forward to a weekend off! Have a wicked one though and see ya round the boards.

Hugs, Tor x


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Yeah it's the same Gem as on the Misztified Mind forum!
I tend to get around a bit.
Anyway back to work YAWN!

Mr Strangelove

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get around a bit? i wouldn't say that on here, darlin' :P

hello, welcome to the chaos, best of luck getting out! maybe see you at misztifiedmind!


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I didn't mean like that but thats life,
but cheers for bringing that to my attention!


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hi there sx3style,
I'm good thanks, how ya doing?
going to any good parties this week end? the one at jac's sounds good and it's my birthday so I can't wait anyway have a good one :Smile3: