Hi everyone!!!

Kinky Sarah

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Hello psy forum uk

my name is Sarah and I'm from Prague, I'm 23 and I'm a model.

I love psy trance parties where I can meet new friends and be myself!!!

After this summer I'll be based in London, hope to catch up with a lot of you!!! :Wink3:
:welcome: and enjoy! U've found the right place to find out about all things psy in the uk :Smile3:

Well Helllloooooo... :ph34r: and let me be the first to wellcome you to our groovy forum.. :lol:

Tsk....with my reputation...what were they thinking....... :wub:

:sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun:
:party2: :party2: :party2: :party2: :party2: :party2:

:wizard1: :wizard1: :wizard1: :wizard1: :wizard1: :wizard1:
:welcome: :drinking:

Shame you're going to miss the peak UK summer party season :o

Tho' I'm sure you'll find lots to entertain you in London, especially if ur a model (model train, bus, swan???) :P

See you on the Trancefloor :Grin: :wizard1:

:party2: :speaker: :party2:
Thanx for welcoming so warmly!!!

Being a model is not too funny, good money but very boring and fake people sometimes and a lot of stress.

positive sides: travelling all the time!!! :P

Before going to London will be part of the Boom Festival, going there with few girlfriends from my agency, can't wait to be touched by the mediterranean sunshine!!! and dance like a fairy!!! :Grin:
Welcome Sarah, all pics welcome via et and ratty but first me :Smile3:...lol..jk....me first :Smile3: if you can dance like this guy.....your half way there -------> :partysmi:
Hi Sarah & :welcome: to the forum :smokingr:
hey there, you'll love it here.... we're all kinky :ph34r:

Welcummin to da board kinkipragueee
Modelling kinkiwear ? Kewl stuff
Oo lucki you gwanta BOOM wiv mediterranean sunshine woo woo!

sarah ., psychedelic models

:wub: :speaker: :party2: :drinking: :peace:

Welcome little fairy! :wub:

enjoy and hope to bump into you at one of my (less messy) ferret-outings :Smile3:
:sun: scorchio!

xx LiLo xx :rolleyes: