Hi folks, nice to be here I hope.


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Introdusing myself - that's kind a little bit difficult because my english tounge isn't so good. Sometimes I'm not shure, if I say what I mean. So I will make it short. My Name is Tom and I live in Frankfurt/Main (Germany). In 1995 I became trance addicted. 4 years later I became a dj. Hm, I guess thats the essentials. Just ask if you want to know more about me.
Have fun,
Tom - welcome to the forum, don't worry about your English.. I speak English, but I can't spell it.. you'll see.. :Wink3:

Are you going to the VooV this year.. We can't make it as I threw my boyfriends passport away, and we can't afford to replace it at the moment, so we've made plans to go to the Glade festival instead.. you should come over for that!
Hello Tom good to have you here :Grin:

Und hier sind viele leute die auch Deutsch sprechen koennen, also las was von dir hoeren :Wink3: :smokingr:
Hey Tom!

How nice to see you here! You will love this place, lots of lovely people and interesting debates.

How about a :drinking: ?? And a :smokingr: Maybe a couple of :shrooms:

So happy you joined!!

Tom put on a fantastic party I went to in Frankfurt last week, the one my sister Sharon played at! Very cool people!

elayne :party2:
hi tom

good to see you here. i am sure you will enjoy this forum.

heading out in the :sun: now.

talk to you soon i hope.


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You're so nice. So... so... so... Ach, ihr seid einfach Spitze :smoke:

Thnx, Elayne, for your accolade. Reviewing the party I'm very satisfied. And I meet people I want to meet again (broad hint :Grin: ) because they ask me about a :drinking: and a :smokingr: and a couple of :shrooms: So I cant resist.

Here's the plan:
I work hard (*sweat) and I will earn money, hopefully. Shitty plan but the single option I have. Maybe in August or September I will come on to the island and we will rock da house. How about that? And maybe I can enjoy a massage... my neck, you now?

Have fun!
Hi Tom!

Well then, let's make that the plan!! Work hard and get your arse up here before the outdoor parties finish, you have to experience the great British outdoor party!!

Tried to listen to your mix, but it won't open for me. There is a special place on the board to put mixes for people to hear, check it out!

Hope to see you soon!


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Hi Elayne.
The link works but the mix is stored as real audio. You need the Real Player from RealNetworks to listen to. This is the best compromise between quality and compression, I guess. The Mix uses only 22 mb (cd quality). An mp3 file in the same quality will use much more and I just own only 100 mb of web space. I tried also ogg vorbis, monkey audio and other technologies, but the file was always bigger than in real audio format. Shit, I know. I don't like that Real Player coz it is always present, even if you do not use it often.
Sorry for that!

Now for something completely different:
The Plan!
Just give me a few dates when parties available and so I will have a goal :Wink3: Preferably parties organized by Tribe of Frogs coz Sven will come with me.
Have fun,