Hi Fraggles...


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Monkton Wyld Court, UK
Hi Fraggles...

I´m comeing from Karlsruhe,Germany... In march I going to England ! I want to stay there for an half year... I stay in a hippiekommun in the near from exeter...

I am already full anticipation for my trip !! :sun:

Hope to cya all trance´in
OM *shivalite

:shrooms: :shrooms: :shrooms: :shrooms: :shrooms:
hope u have a good one in the uk...it will surely be packed full of psychedelic nights and madness :Smile3:

welcome aboard :Wink3:
:welcome: come on in and dont be shy :Wink3:


Love & light

Mrs B :Smile3:
welcome stranger...

hope all the hippies are nice, tell us if u find a trance party in exeter...

should be nice for the spring season.

Hello and welcome Shivalite.... i think we will meet in London, as I will be there also during your stay

:welcome: and I'm sure you will have a really good time when you arrive in England. In the meantime keep connected via the forum.
Hallo Shivalite!

Ich hatte das hier glatt übersehen! *schäm* :rolleyes:

:welcome: & enjoy this funny and interesting place! :sonne: