hi from frosty switzerland


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hi people

a warm hello from a hc-dnb listener to the uk underground :Smile3:

cool to find another place where it seems that one can speak friendly and freely :jump:

cheers to all of you
Hi, i'm new too but welcome anyways!

DnB eh? I'm quite into my DnB too! What sort of DnB artists do you like?


well, at the mo i'm quite into the style i think is called "tech & darkwave", e.g. ed rush & optical, teebee, Silver, B.s.e., that sort of thing :Smile3:

a lot comes from internet-radio, drumnbasstv.com...

used to listen the chilly-dnb like ltj bukem, omni trio, blame, big bud and so on...

a lot more new dnb sound to come, though!
Ah sweet man, the sort of stuff i'm into then.

Andy C's pretty hot at the moment!

Have you heard The Dungeon Masters Guide by Dieselboy? if not i strongly reccomnd you get it.

See you around d00d.
ohhhhhhhhh dungeon masters guide, i love it! :bananada: :bananada: :bananada:

lucky me, bse play in zurich @ 25.12.!!! yeah, i like that sort of christmas :Grin:

see ya, dude!

hey mate, where abouts are you in the good old communauté hélvétique?

welcome to the forum!
communauté hélvétique

hahaha what's that in swiss german? :Wink3:

i'm from Interlaken, near Berne... a small tourist town in the middle of the beautiful swiss alps :Smile3:

also that foggy in the celtic land?
you don't need to tell me that! interlaken is lovely, drive 30 miles in any direction from interlaken and you'll find somewhere lovely!

i grew up in geneva, communauté hélvétique is the old name for switzerland, that's why the stickers on car bumpers have CH and not SW or SZ or something.

ever been to Paléo?
ah, then you know switzerland a bit!

nope, didn't be to paléo festival yet! Montreux Jazz festival is great i find!

perhaps i'll go to peacemountain open air next year, i'll see...

yeah, i know CH and hélvétique and so, only joking about that... :Grin:

working finished soon! yeah :smokingr:

is it true that england is the heart of drumnbass? you will perhaps know better than me........
Hi Spherial

We're coming to rock Zurich very very soon :Grin:

Watch this space.