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psychedelic art by Robbie
Just want to say hi to all at psy-forum UK and introduce myself.
My name is Robbie a psychedelic/blacklight artist who lives currently in Germany.
Next year me and my wife Moni plan on returning to live in the UK around Brighton and are looking to re-connect with the people involved in the UK scene. In my website gallery there are over 70 original paintings....party and expo photos and a cool links page.
Please check out my website at http://www.psychedelic-art.com and let me know if you dig my work or not!! Or even if you just want to say hi back ;-).........Voice of Cod ROCKS!!!!!


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wow :Grin:

i saw your art at omni festival (en-route to the trampoline :irolleyes ) and checked out your website... *in awe*
bjuutiful paintings! love how u combine figurative with abstract & fractal. very special schtuff :wub:

keep up the good worx!!


psychedelic art by Robbie
Thanx for the comments and sorry about the tiles but I am not much of a computer type and the background to my site has been there since it was put together during a drunken all night session in December 2000.