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Shangrilala.co.uk is the Omline version of our publication Shangri-La-La.
The mag has been in circulation for nearly 4 years now and we're on to issue 6 du out in September.
The website is full of all sorts of usful stuff, interviews, stories, party & festy listings, a links database, forums, polls, and feedback forms.
We will also be opening up our internet radio station to bolt-on to shangrilala.co.uk in the form of visionfm.co.uk.
Stay tuned for more news, and if you have a good product or business that is connected to the underground scene then come and add your details to our database.
Visit the site www.shangrilala.co.uk
We need input from the people to help make shangrilala.co.uk a much needed and loved website. :smokingr: :jump:
:welcome: Love the magazine! Enjoy the delights of psyforum uk :Smile3:
:welcome: Jym, I see from the mag that the Zetans are busy :Wink3:

Say Hi to Ian for me :drinking:
Hey thanks for all the support guys.

It seems people are happy with my work on shangrilala.co.uk.
In the last 3 weeks we've gathered 46 new members and we've hardly done any PR.
Please come over and join the site everyone. The forums are waiting your input.
If any of you have any ideas that might help us or an idea for the creation of a new forum topic then just fly over to www.shangrilala.co.uk and post in there.

Hope everyone is having a good time at the Glade Festival.
Unfortunately even after i put loads of information and free advertising they still wouldn't give me a guest list. So i have promtly removed any information about there event from the lala site. Afterall why should i put it on there if they're not gonna give me a ticket? F**k Em!
Whoops maybe I'm not....I registered the other day , just went over to have a look at your site and it told me I wasn't signed up ....and wouldn't let me re-register.....hum, I'll have another go
Shangrilala Slow site!

Well thanks for letting me know you found the site too slow. Although im not sure if it's our server or something else. I will look into it.
Cosmonauty i don't see you in the new users section and have had new system updates telling me you,ve joined.
Try to join again. If it doesn't work tell me and ill setup your account.
All the best,
Jym Vision