Hi guy's, I'm new here - i have some fresh tunes for you to digest ;)


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Would just like to say hi to everyone here - I share in your Psy dream! - Have a been a tech house/techno/breaks dj for ages now, playing at illegal raves n mate flats...so on and so forth.... ive probably been a Psy producer for about over 2 years now, since the day i was at a free rave outside Guilford on top of a hill with sun rising... antway... ahherm.. lol

Basicaly i got load of fresh material in .RPS format posted on http://www.reasonstation.net

Go blatently already know this, go to the songs section, then charts - my new song "Sukulant Synthetics" R3.04 is ranked number 1 - please check out some of my songs - Comments on forums and message boards help my producing soo much..

Thanks for your time chaps

Steve A.k.a Psykadelic [Cambridge]