hi should introduce myself


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just nect to tonbridge in a cave
right well erm yes

i would like to point out that I AM NOT an Indian Yogi who can levitate, but hope to goto india in september if i can find some of that money stuff if anyone would like to join me in an exphidition please get in touch!

im 25 , im also a bit of a pleb

i really like women and sleeping and sleeping with women:iconfused

please excuse me if i say stupid things and please feel free to tell me off or delete me

looking forward to summer full of fun and hopefully meeting some new people and making some new friends n things as basically i have been living in dark hole for a few years an have hid away from the world

i also am very dyselix, basically when i was at school i spent all my time fighting with everyone and well im not very acedemically mindined at all, im a bit of a froot loop really but ive never been in trouble with the law i went to college an did a course in business studies which was really good actually, i have little recolection or memory of the years between 18 and 22 though i did goto australia ive worked on farms in shops on building sites landscaping animal rescue home had some success with photography my dad is an arty farty an my mum is a nurse but mostly low paid jobs enjoy visit special places site temples and churches though i wouldnt say im all that religious but then i dont know maybe i am.

i am rather nieve

god its difficult to introduce yourself i have no definate sense of self really yes i am sometimes wrong, christ im tired im going to bed.

oo an i like art
as a very nice peaceful loving person an at heart i am but i can get very angry if i sense injustice or foul play an people miss treating others or cruelty to animals things like that, its true there is a line a fine line must be careful not to cross it.

yah so basically there you go pleased to be here, loving the tunes!


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far away
Continuum said:
:ilol: what an intro :ilol:

welcome to the stupidest place on the interweb

Space Disko

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...me too...