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chillum davey

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hi there,
My name's dave and i thought i'd introduce myself to the forum.
I'm into trance music (of course otherwise i'd be a member of another forum - doh) any sorts really. Not fussy as long as there's a good atmosphere and a load of smiley faces. Started going to parties only a while ago but feel like i've met som e really good people and mates. I live in South London and my local is the fridge although i do make it to the mass too which is awesome.
i called myself chillum dave as i love to smoke chillums as i;m sure most of you others do too.
Look forwrad to seeing and meeting some of you around and about.


i like chillums too


Jon Kenobi

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good of ya to come an join the forum.........hope ya like yer stay.......pull up a cushion......pull out that chillum and relax