hi to all psytravellers


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Buenos Aires, Argentina
new so ll write some info about me:

Met goa trance back in 1998. As a matter of fact no one i knew liked this music so one day i decided to buy a cd: "Distance to Goa 5". Couldnt believe it! Found the music i was always looking!
Anyway the search wasnt finished coz it wasnt til 2001 when i moved to London and went to the 1st psyparties. At that moment i realized that there wasnt way back.
My first Chichime party was the one way ticket to this beautiful music.
That s how i decided to make music. I used to play in a punk/ska band playing the guitar but the computer made my dreams come true: being alble to translate my ideas into music (eventhough i still find it difficolt).

Nowadays I wanna start a course in a London college (so if any1 has any info i d really appreciate). If it s not London i wouldnt mind to move to another city.
I make music and at the moment i m workin in a new full on tune (148bpm).

Congrats for the new forum!
Hey dude! :welcome:
Hey there, welcome to the forum. You've made some alrite tunes man :cool:

at the moment i m workin in a new tune but my cpu crashs all the time :crazy:

Thx 52DSL, hope u really like my next tune

goa kev do u play dj sets at any london party?

geoffwiffen check out "Vodka Tonic" (3rdmix). I think it s the tune closest to psytrance i ve done.

There r s also a nice one called: Voices... but it s a downtempo tune with melodies everywhere & a funky bassline. :smokingr:

c ya around!
heeeeeeloooooooooooooo and........ :welcome:

:sun: :shrooms: :sun:
go, get em :speaker: & plz let me know ur oppinion

i ve got lot of work to do coz kinda hard to give a psy sound to the tunes i do :crazy:

but every new track gettin closer :partysmi:


hope u like em & c ya around :Grin:
psyxel said:
goa kev do u play dj sets at any london party?
I wish! Well ive played a couple of house n breaks nights and will hopefully be starting a night up soon, but not played a psy night...yet! :Wink3:
Hello and welcome.

There are two Uni's in Brighton and both have great reputations for media and music studies. They are Sussex University and Brighton University. Also cost of living is not as high as London and we love our parties. Not a week goes by without two parties being held in this place...........sure you wanna study!!

Hope it helps and leads you to us, we love new talent
Thanx Krystal!!!! I ll check em as soon as i go back home.
I d b more than glad to study in Brighton.
It sounds really cool! Besidas Ajuca Productions is based near Brighton.

Thx again!

Best regards

PsyXel :partysmi: