Hi! Totaly new


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Hello, to everybody!
I am totaly new at psyforum.uk and to be honest i even not know anybody here. One little question from me: "Are here some old school fans or all is full-on?" Not that i not like some new realize(IM last one is amazing), but i still prefer when i am at home to play old stuf.:clublase:
See ya here


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old-skool, new-skool, full on, progressive whatever! It's all here :Smile3:

Have fun


Coincidentally I just borrowed someone's collection of old goa from the 90s and stuff. WOW! Some cool stuff in there :Smile3: Got a busy weekend coming up burning CDs ;-)

PS: Hello!


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Thanx for all "Welcome" from this "mostly friemdly place"(no matter that i not know what it mean:Smile3: )