Hi u Wonderful people!

Me The Being

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Hello Everyone :Smile3:

I have recently (Few months ago) Moved to London, from Sweden (yep, I`m Swedish).

Im trying to find some cool, happy and nice party people , to go out and explore the Trance community with... Have not been out to any trance parties since i came to London :eek:

So its about time :Smile3:

All the best to ya all!


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welcome to the forum, we certainly do have some nice partys around here. plenty of lovely people here.....


mago del señor
OOOhhh, we have everything.

And welcome to the forum.


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there are a couple, one in glouster, and another north of london.. prob a few others thrown in around the uk as well.... :Wink3:


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welcome aboad 'Me The Being' :happy:

check out the parties section hun