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Hello all, my names Elden. I love psytrance and all things psychedelic, i live in Aberystwyth, mid Wales, where i run a small friendy psy nite called vibration therapy. Big thanx to this forum for giving us a space to let people know about it, look forward to meeting more lovely people & a lifetime of psychedelic adventure...
:welcome: make yourself at home Elden... enjoy the forum psychedelique :Wink3:
Hmmm your name is familiar. Do you know a man who calls himself "Fabs"? And you wouldn't happen to be ex-broadsword staff would you?

Anyway ... Welcome to the forum :Smile3:
hello! a psy night in wales hooray! i'll have to check this out sometime when i'm back home, though aberystwyth is a bit of a trek from aberdare.. dunno if you know where that is :P

anyway, welcome to the forum hopefully see you on a dancefloor soon

huw x

Hey hey Elden, welcome to the forum dude - looking forward to coming and playing for you guys on saturday...should be a good laff. Enjoy the weird and wonderfull world of Psy-forum :Wink3: :lol1: :welcome: