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i,m new to the forum but wanted to get some views on the hippy crack thang (nitrous oxide) that seems to be at so many parties now, especially over this summer in the beautiful great outside...

it seems to me a really odd thing to be going on in the scene , not least to say about all the balloons left everywhere and the canisters left piled on the ground... i threw a little free outdoor party and there was loads of this shite around that we sorted out.... and ive been noticing it loads at other do's.. is anyone finding the same thing? i cant remember really having seen this before ?????

can you recycle the canisters? i,ve been told because they are pressurised u cant, i,ve also been told that the shit that you inhale is really really fucking bad for you.. can anyone enlighten me any further ??? :? :?

love and hugs
The first thing you learn about "hippies" is that often their "care for the environment" and "universal love" miraculously disappears when its time to clean up the trash.

Somehow though, they don't mind giving you a 30 minute lecture on how driving a car is pure evil!
Canisters can be recycled as they are pure steel. Also, once the gas has been used in each one, they are no longer pressurised - and so can be recycled! As for leaving them round everywhere, there's no excuse for that as they fit nicely into the opening of a can of Stella - and can then be recycled when you recycle the can. It is a bit off to leave balloons everywhere, but organisers can help with this and with litter in general by providing bins.

With regards to your final point, N2O does cause a reduction in the level of vitamin B+ in the body (which can be remedied with supplements) but is otherwise harmless AS LONG AS it is also taken with enough oxygen to sustain life. Long-term sustained and heavy use (more than 100 chargers a day every day for six months or more) can cause nerve problems in the extremities but these effects are self-reversing once consumption ceases.

It has been called the safest recreational drug (as long as you only use catering or medical grade gas, NOT the stuff you put in your car to make it go faster, and always use a balloon); let's not forget that it has long been used as an anaesthetic and staple party-starter for med students worldwide!
I was trying to listen to a live music act at the Turaya festival when someone was doing this stuff. It wasn't a problem except the balloons kept popping thus spoiling the music and distracting the artists.

Just seems too in your face and very unsocial.

If everyone cleared up their own rubbish at parties it would be great but so many people just don't seem to realise the mess they make. Or they just don't care which is a real pity.

A few tea crates at outdoor parties would help lots for rubbish.
nitrous has been used for "recreational" purposes for longer than it has, as an anaesthetic (12 years longer infact :Wink3:)
A royal Physician wrote an article on the halucinatory effects of nitrous in 1882.
Samual Colt made his money selling Nitrous in the wild west, before starting his gun manufacturing empire.

Basically its very safe (Colins guidlines are well worth following!) though it does deplete your brains store of B12 (as does LSD and most triptamines)
The canisters are coated with cadmium, so should be disposed of carefully, same for the ballons. Put them in the bin not the floor!

I did a little reasearch into gas when it became popular at Baraka, my local psytrance night, and its not the harmless fun some people might think. Apparently Prolonged use can cause lung and brain damage. Like with K you can switch off brain cells perminantly and cause splitting of the tiny sacks in your lungs, EEK! This is according to medical texts so I dont know how relivent it is to the kind of use that goes on in the party scen or what the exact definition of prolonged use might be. Personaly I dont like to see loads of people sitting around recycaling air in to ballons(which is stupid in its self)as it kind of detracts from the whole talking-dancing-interaction thing that surely is the whole point of the party.
i love the stuff, but isn't N20 also one of the greenhouse gases???

if you are one of the providers at a party in london, contact me, i'll take all the empties off you for creative purposes...

p.s. empty balloons should be blown up, and used to hit people with, not left on the floor to get mucky and wasted.
lilu said:
gimee psychadelics any time....want my mind to expand and honestly can't afford to loose any of my brain cells!
Erm, don't make sense that... If you want to keep your brain cells stay off the psychedelics too then :Wink3:

But I do agree, gimme proper psychedelics any time :Grin: :shrooms:
oOemmaOo said:
They would'nt take our empties away when we put them out for the recycling folks...

Your common-or-garden 'reputable' nitrous stalls should keep the empties... as I recall empties require specialist recycling.

Cheers J, although my bloke buys all his on line so we have boxes of empties at home...any ideas where I can take them to be recycled....its either that or they are going to be embedded in concrete and turned into a weird garden path!! :crazy:


cheers for suggestions guys :Smile3: however there defo seems to be some confusion whether you can/cant recycle the buggers though love the suggestions to make them into pretty trippy creations-
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm a lil' bit more research needed i reckon.
i hope to doing a few more little outdoor parties in the summer and for sure will provide crates and stuff, but would rather know my onions when it comes to this stuff, and making sure it can get used and recyled....

anyone in the brighton area that knows a lil' bitmore about where you can sort this stuff out? i heard there is now a door to door N2O service like this in the area, similar to 24 hour booze delivery! so it's a thing that needs to be addressed for sure....

much love and grins gem XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Hi Emms

Take them to a metal scrap yard. They will weigh them and give you money for them I should think as they will with most scrap metal! They may give you more cause their coated in cadmium??? (expensive metal) but I doubt it. At least they should take them for free. :Smile3:

PHLUR :sun: