Holy Crap!! Who wants a FREE PC?


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Intel Celeron 2.4GHz
64MB onboard graphics
56k modem
15 CRT monitor
3Year warranty

The catch, you have to watch a minute of advertising for every twenty minutes of use.

This offers been shown on psy-forum before and the conclusion we came to was don't bother. :Wink3:

Read all the small print. The computer is never actually yours (so you can't flog it off). And the advertising will really get on ya tits after just a few hours (You have you answer questions about the adverts shown).


If you don't mind then go for it. Just make sure you know all the facts before diving in.

So what is to stop you just reinstalling windows (and possibily the MB bios) and then claiming that you have no idea why it is not working proprerly and refering them to the Microsoft help line.

They cannot after all claim that there software is bug free and has no other issues with any other software out there. That there CD's always work? ha!
If you have another shite PC you could pull the hard drive out the new PC, stick it in the shite pc and let the shite pc go on advertising to itself while you go about your business on your clean new PC. You can get a new 40Gb HD for next to nothing.
the other problem was that there were soooooo many people interested in them that they couldn't keep up with demand.

so wether or not you'd actually get your PC in the forseeabale future is another point entirely.