Homeless - In Serious need of a place to stay..


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Hello all Psympathetics and the rest of those bothered to read,

After coming back to London from a beautiful break in Cornwall last weekend..... (like - Wow!), I/we (2 fun and friendly psychedelic elves) find ourselves being unfortunately made very home-lesssss!. :-( due to a series of unforseen events (one of those being the Camberwell squat we were due to get keys to - looks ever so much as of today to be falling thru) :-(

Can anyone help out in the lines of any advice or maybe even possibly a glowing 3-D arrow of direction (suspended in mid-air) as to who and where might have a squat or place to be offering to stay anywhere in the London vicinity??? ;-)

We are genuinely in urgent daily seek of a place - yet are staying calm under pressure (lol), and would appreciate any feedback from peeps as soon as poss.

As i said above, we ARE fun, and very friendly and probably quite helpful people to be with, so if you fancy making the homeless = homemore, then please phone a friend - and do so for a cause. Also we CAN pay minimal moneys, yet; understand that we have only minimal moneys.

I thank you for reading and/or caring,

Liquid8 & Katalyst

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