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Crowthorne! Yay!
Hello everybody!
decided to have a peek around here after hearing my bro and mates at uni (hooray for hatfield! the biggest dump in britain! hooray) talkin about it. plus i wanna find the choons that me bro says he's made a link to on here.
As i say i'm in herts uni at the mo, studying philosophy (yawn) psychology (can just about spell that now) and linguistic sciences.
I mainly like chilled choonage, mainly schtuff involving simon posford, raja ram, nick doof, ott, and a bit of nightmares on wax on occasion. I also love infected mushroom bigtime, and many other dudamondos that i can't be bothered to list. cos i'm lazy.
i'm a big fan of poiing, have been doin it for about 3 years(?) now. is goood.
written some choons in the past, but they're not in anyway pschedelic. if you wanna listen go to my homepage - should be in my profile.
see ya!
welcome, welcome, have a phatty time on the forum, you may like otts music but i would watch out for him and his antics on the forum!
Well hello, and welcome!
Just know you're gonna love it here....!

good morning little bro, i wondered how long it would take you to get here. let me guess, the traffic was poo and you lost yer wings?

lots of friendly peeps here, so make yourself comfortable :sun:
ello alex mate! :welcome: just don't set anything on fire in here ok? :Grin: