Hopping over from Tribe of Frog with fluffy greetings


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Hi all !! I met lots of ppl at the psy project party in Bristol last year and lots more at Glade. Aint life great :Grin:

Special hi's to Corky, Jason frog, Rigbic, Damian, Yellow raver, Voddies, Fire sprite, Zeeboo, Fluffy Dendrobate, Emma, Elysium (keep the emails coming, I'll make one of those parties one day !!) Delphine, Urk, Barclay Dark Angel (Mick Chaos introduced us at his stall). And Technognome, you made me do this, so I hope i dont need the biscuit tin at the ready :o !!!!!!! Did you see that camper van at Glade 'TEKGNOME' , My camera was very sketchy by then, so sadly, no pic :sad: but hey ho :Grin:

Tania xxxx
Hello Eeziglow, :welcome: to the forum m8, have fun I'm sure you will... Recognise your name from Frogz site! yeah life is good init!! :Wink3:

:sun: :shrooms:
Small world...

... this was no more apparent than when going home for christmas. I was in a small party (in a landscape gardeners showroom) in central auckland, when i met a bunch of people (kiwi, canadian, french & danish) who i'ld stomped with on dancefloors in london, bracknell, and samothraki!! Proof positive of how small the world really is and how good it is to belong to such a global community. So yeah, Life is Great!!!

Welcome to the forum bro. EZ :peace:
'elloo tanya, welcome to the psy-forum. enjoy your stay... :Smile3: :sun:
Hi Tania,

Nice to see you over here :Grin:

I wish Elysium would send me party details, guess I'm not good looking enough :sad:

I did see the Van but failed to bimble over and say hi to them due to there being a fence in the way and being abit fcuked. There's a pic in one of the glade threads :? :cool:

PS I'm sure it's not me making you come here err! 'these arn't the droids your looking for' :lol1: :lol1: :lol1: :wizard1:

PHLUR :sun:
Hi there eeziglow, :welcome: to the forum, Glade was good wasnt it! life is good isnt it! catch ya around sometime soon
Hi Tania, Big :welcome: to the forum, hope to c ya at a frog near you.....soon

And Technognome......the Tekgnome van pic wants to go on the Psy pic server :Smile3:

Then we can comment on it and rate it too :Smile3: (dare you post it....)

C soon :smokingr:
Easy there Eeziglo ! Was keepin' an eye out, like I said I would !

Have fun !

undercoverhippy said:
who i'ld stomped with on dancefloors in london, bracknell,
That's pretty much my neck of the woods mate, somaybe you have with me too !!
aye, tis a lovely bunch here :Smile3:

:party2: woot!! :welcome:
hello you! :Smile3:

welcome and i hope to meet you at a psyproject party soon :sun:
yellowraver said:

Hello hun! Good to see you here :Grin:

I've been lurking around these parts for some time now!

L xXx

Good to see YOU Lorraine, wherever you were lurking, I'd find you :Wink3:
Just enjoying my cuppa chai that Emma handed me and enjoying starring at all the nice psychedelic avatars here :shrooms:
:Grin: :Grin: :Grin: :Grin: :Grin:
eeziglow said:
I really hope there's gonna be another psy project party this year so's I can meet more of you :peace: :Grin:

just been and gone unfortunately........next one is probably either happening at end of year....only a small one and then im looking to do another psyproject in ******* ( but that you'll have to find out) :Wink3:

welcome to forum......think ive briefly met u b4.....hope u enjoy using this resource. :Smile3: