How can I put my voice on the PC?


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North London
well thing is...i have been asked to send a recording of my singing..just voice, doesnt need to have backing track or anything..
aaand well i have no idea how to put my singing on the computer...
if anyone has any ideas on how to get my voice somehow on this thing and so i can send it as an mp3 file that would be super helpful!!! :Smile3:
please please help and state any possibilities how i can do this...
thanx a lot
big hugs
xxx nata :wizard1:
There is a sound recorder under, Programs, Accessories, Entertainment... (In Windows) You can put a Microphone in the mic port (round back of the PC), and record into this with the red record button, however this is crap quality and only goes up to about a min or so record time... (If I remember correctly) so you really want to get a program like Cool Edit, or Sound Forge to record into... which will give you unlimited record time and in good quality, and let you save in mp3. (got any buddies who are studio boffs they might help you out) hope that helps.
Soundforge will do the job admireably...

If you need a copy I can sort you a disc <cough>...trial software...<cough>

You will, though, need a decent mic as Geoff said...Look for a Behringer's a copy of the Shure SM58 (seminal vocal mic) and is available for around £20

buy here Thomann

and view details here Behringer XM8500

You might also find that you need a beter soundcard than the standard one in your PC....The usual cheap A/D convertors aren't all that good quality....
thank you for all replies :Smile3:
situation is....audition for a studio...
apparently the guy whos helping me with this says i shouldnt really invest too much money... connecting my tape player with the recording with the pc via a cable would be enough apperently..
its all a bit complicated though cause hes in london and im here so not too much possibility of helping me..and im a bit of a doofus when it gets to pcs but i hope itll work...
i shall keep you posted on info if youre quite excited even though im trying not to get my hopes up..
never done anything with record companies or anything soo... :lol: :lol:
big hugs
ha, well its not quite working as i hoped,...
i bought a cable to connect my tape player with pc..and its the correct one ..have it all plugged my boyfriend said i should get wave lab...i have this programm now but i do think its rather complicated and i have no idea how to record??
plaese urgently reply a very confuzzled one who needs to get this sorted FAAAST!
thanx and hugs
teeheeee it worked :lol: :lol: :lol:
i had to buy a microphone though...well was worth it i think...
i hope to get some sort of serious feedback this week?? :Smile3: :Grin: