How do you keep up with the music??


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hello everyone,

Coming from the hardhouse and NRG scene, I'm finding it quite tough to keep track of the music in Psytrance. In harddance, there's only about 30 or so new releases a month so it's pretty easy to sift through the lot and see whats new and good (which is becoming increasingly easier as the vast majority is utter shite nowadays).

Having just recently started to listen to and mix psy I've noticed that theres loads of new (and even more old) tunes out there, and a lot more producers all doing their thang. So much so that I don't have the time to listen to all the tunes and find it quite hard to listen to and buy older stuff. It's all very frustrating 'cos more often than not I feel like I'm missing out on vast chunks of music!!!

So do you just spend hours and hours everyday trying to absorb all things psy or do you just follow certain labels and artists???:confused::confused::confused:

Hank :wacko:


Spank said:
So do you just spend hours and hours everyday trying to absorb all things psy or do you just follow certain labels and artists???:confused::confused::confused:

Hank :wacko:

Personally i follow certain labels(surfing in their websites ,reading 4 upcoming realeases,following their links...) & artists that so far are in my likes
But psyshop,saiko souns & wiriquta are open on my pc every day, searching 4 new stuff, listening 2 clips and have a look 4 past releases that i missed...


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Ruskin said:
There are definately quality labels to look out for (twisted, nano, dragonfly, boom, organic etc.) but there is also loads of sifting through samples on chaos unlimited and ocasionally coming across something wicked.

yeah that's what I'm doing at the mo, problem is the samples on Chaos are pants, they're mostly just the beginning of the tunes and never give the whole picture :mad::mad:

I've been using recently which is awesome even if you do have to pay over the odds for it. Pity they haven't got everything on there though.


Pound Shop Alex Petridis occasionally gets it half right


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damion said: occasionally gets it half right

yay, that site's brilliant!!! :wo^thy: give yourself a pat on the back dude, will definately be keeping up with it!:Grin: What would be even more amazing though is if you put sound clips up there too!!!


oh go on, just one then..
Spank said:
In harddance, there's only about 30 or so new releases a month so it's pretty easy to sift through the lot and see whats new and good (which is becoming increasingly easier as the vast majority is utter shite nowadays).

unfortunately you will probably find that most of the psy you sift through is also utter shite, but there's more of it lol! But that makes finding those gooduns even better :Wink3: think needle in a haystack (well that's how it feels sometimes, let's be honest)


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I don't even try.
I just download stuff that sounds interesting at random and hope that I find something good. I don't like minimal, prog or full-on so yuo can imagine how often that happens these days :/

I think Twisted is about the only label that mostly keeps releasing music that I like. I just finished listening to Unusual Suspects, and most of the tracks were greeeat.

And because I write music myself, I like to listen to something else than psy at home usually... There's just so much 4/4 you can take :P


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Colin OOOD said:
Make your own... once you get the hang of it you're guaranteed to find stuff you like.

Works for me...

Just got myself a copy of cubase..... can't for the love of god figure out how to use the damn thing though:confused::confused::confused: Just twiddling knobs and, making noises and have yet to figure out how to lay down a track. Playing musical instruments is a damn site easier and simpler you just push a key/blow a note but unfortunately I can't make Psy on a Sax or piano :Sad:


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Red five said:
nice one.

i hope you get herpes of the ears.

It's hard not to though. If record labels managed to offer a service that's as good I wouldn't mind paying for my music at all. In fact charges £1.49 per tune(£7.50 an album) at 320kb/s and it's where I'm getting most of my music from at the moment.

Red five

jah mangled spanner
thats cool.

just annoys me when people have whole colletions of burnt choonage and then think they are clever.
yep saiko sounds and psy shop...but nowadays ive fallen a liitle behind on the new stuff since ditching DJing for the Laptop...i am faithfull to Twisted, Kamaflage, Igoba, Dragonfly, phantasm, Digital Structures sometimes TIP...anything that isn't Israeli...


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Sparklema said:
Try doing it when you're a vinyl dj......:wacko: (stubbornly refuses to give up the precious vinyl and would never EVER download tunes cos she thinks it sounds shite and the artists need money)......

Having said least I know I've worked hard and long for every set I do...:wizard1:

Yer, I wish more psy is released on vinyl too, I spent a small fortune on brand new technics 2 years ago and I'd really hate to see them go to waste :Sad::Sad: Although I have recently discovered 3 deck mixing (2 techno tunes with Psy on top). Hard work but it does sound fucking good!!!:dancey::dancey:

Nothing beats vinyl, not even these new fangled CDJ thingys, nothing gives you that same sense of control as vinyl does. LONG LIVE VINYL!!!!!:wo^thy:


marathon solo-sessionahoy
Spank - id love to hear that work - am a big fan of 3deck sets and the mashup they allow... start playing out!


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Sparklema said:
:wub: I had a discussion with somebody recently at a party about this. We are both vinyl DJ's and we agreed it's taken us about 10 years to really get up to scratch (no pun intended). This CDJ was there and he was arguing about how passe vinyl was etc etc. Then when it came to actually wiring up his equipment, he didn't even know how to do it.

Quick fix CDJ - 0 Long term vinyl DJ's - 1

What with packages like final scratch etc etc, I am stubbornly determined to never give up my beautiful decks and gorgeous vinyl. I do buy psy on vinyl. I also mix it with hard trance, techno and some classic old tunes. Everyone who hears it says it works really really well. Each week I spend hours and hours listening to all the new releases from every genre. I might pick a tune from a different genre and either pitch it up or down and mix it with psy and all sorts. In my opinion there are no genres. There is just either good music or shit music. You can find some really good gems hiding in different parts of your online record shop.

Oh to take people on a journey so they don't know where they are going next, but always love where they are and where they end up....ahhhhh. I love music. :wub:

Hey maybe we should meet up (network network mwahahahah) and discuss a night that is formiing in more than my mind........something.......deeply.............FAB!:jump:

YOU KNOW!!! sound like a girl after my own heart Sparklema:Grin: you're so right about ignoring the genres and pointless boundries that we put around the music, good music is good music no matter what genre it's in and I'm a firm believer in the fact that there's great tunes in every genre of music (hell even country and western!!)
Would be great to meetup sometime, unfortunately I have some rather important exams in 3 weeks that I should be working for but after that we should deffo hook up? where are you based?

re: about final scratch, DON'T waste your money on it, a mate of mine sent me a link to a piece of software that does exactly the same thing but is waay waay cheaper. You need to have a soundcard on your computer that has Multi-ins and Multi-outs and the finyl scratch time coded vinyl but they cost nothing in comaprison to buying final scratch and it works just as well (I have a video somewhere of a guy scratching on it). I'm at uni now but I'll post the link up to it as soon as I get home!!