How do you write a track?


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Since a short while I'm interested in making Psy-trance.
But I haven't really found the best way, how to make it.
I have Cubase SX 2, Fxpansion GURU and many VST synths.

What I usually start with is a kick + 303 Bassline.
Now I start to mix 'm in a group channel with some compression etc, to get the Kick and Bass pumping.
Well, and that's about where my creativity stops:ibiggrin:.

Any tips?

What do I add first?
Some percussion, some pads, some FX sounds?


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Well.. I tend to start at the beginning and end at the end personally :Smile3:
(apart from sometimes I do the intro last - but the rest is linearly composed)

Linear composition is the way that works for me, letting parts influence the creation of other parts etc. - i feel it gives the tracks more of a personal 'story'...

But lots of people do it in different ways...

And i tend to compose sober - drawing from experience... gives me more control over thought :iyes:

Good luck!


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Start with the song name. From there you will have a concept which will guide and influence a direction for your creativity to unfold. :iyes:


open your mind
try some sounds... reversed drums, whooshing Noises, FM twiddles, just muck about with stuff until u get something that sounds good... then get another thing that works with that and so on

also useful is making an 8 bar looop and adding sounds to this, getting em to work together. when that 8 bars is full of good stuff expand it out to 16, then 32.... then u can probbly start arranging your track... try to have fun, it's ALL a learning experience