How to fast convert FLAC files from Traktor Pro to Pioneer CDJ set


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I am strongly advocating the FLAC file format which in my opinion is best file format for lossless audio.

The most common complaint that I get is that DJ:s don’t want to migrate to FLAC format because Pioneer CDJs do not support FLAC and they are unable to play their gigs.

There is a way to do file format conversions so fast that is a smooth part in DJ workflow. I am using Foobar2000 for doing this.



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If you're looking to download one, they'll most likely have watermarks, which can be pretty annoying, unless you pay for them, of course. But if you need a converter for something easy, and not very professional, let's say, you could use online converters. In my opinion, many of them are just as good as the paid ones. Professionals tend to disagree. I'm sure they know best, though, but the online ones are perfect for what I do. Usually, I use this audio converter to mp3 or mp4, and I'd say it does its job.
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