how to get that squeaky blip wibble?


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Hey guys,

Absolute novice here at making psytrance but ive decided to give it another go (you may have seen some threads by me a long time back :lol: ).

I'm using cubase and have managed to get a bassline and kick going, but have no idea how to get those fast "squeaky blip" noises you hear in almost every track. How do you go about creating those noises? Any good VST's to recommend ? How do you enter them into cubase as well. As i said im a complete novice so please dont overload me with complex talk as it'll go right over my head :Sad: Just interested in roughly what instruments i could you go about entering it into the key/score/list editor etc...just any advice really is much appreciated :Smile3: Thanks!


squeeky blip wibble? the words of maxwell from Big bruvvaaa.....

.....FUCK ABAAAAAT!!! :Smile3:

*cough* sorry ...would you care to elaborate?

:peace: iain mak x


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hes proababy refering to the overused pitch mod sound.

If thats what your after, then start simple. 1 osc then moulate the pitch to somthing like a lfo. wolah. There u are. A reverb a delay and some eq and your psytranced up. Sorry but i use logic, not cubase so not sure what instruments u are granted with but most sequencers have these effects as parrt of the bundle.

Hope it helps in any way! up the A1 synthesiser in cubase (Devices, VST Instruments). The first preset will be entitled 'Bass', this is basicly just the initial program, one oscillator using a sine wave. Change the waveform on Osc 1 to sawtooth and add some resonance, already you should hear something promising. Then just experiment using Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release, the filter cutoff, LFO etc. For more squelchy sounds, try detuning the oscillator down an octave.
You enter in your notes the same way that you would with your kick and bass.
Everyone has their own way of making ' squeaky blip' noises, but these are the basics of using the A1 in cubase.

Hope this helps :Smile3:


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Cheers guys, i'll have a fiddle with it tomorrow. - Heres 2 examples of what i'm talking about. Its a bit hard to notice them as i used some crappy compression by accident so the sound file is a bit crap, but thats what i mean by the "squeaky blip wibble" :Grin: In the second example..its the sound that starts and then carries on once the bass/kick has joined in. The first example just has the very fast "squeaky noise" over the top constantly.


woulda thought theres better examples?... i.e. every single alien project track etc..
i use albino 2, just using simple oscillators is all thats necessary. get an lfo on the pitch, and also the cutoff i reckons... i would always automate the filters and pitch on top... then whack the waves metaflanger in front of a stereo delay and thats it