How to make that sound(s)


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Hey guys!
Im trying to synthesize a snare-like sound. Its perhaps a filter zap, but additional modulated with a lfo perhaps.
Can‘t find a more prominent example atm, but hallucinogen used it alot aswell.

the snare from min 4:00 :

iam also looking for a way to synthesize 80‘s tom sounds. That obviously artificial one.

thanks for your tips!


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Doesn’t explain the zap- thing, but nice article anyway:



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Toms will be a simple sine pitch drop just higher up in pitch and less range than your typical kick drum. for happy stuff a longer initial attack time on your pitch envelope with give you a zap. listening to the snare in your example the white nose is important. I'd treat/filter this separately from any 'body' portion of your synthesis. Most drum machines had a white noise level mix usually marked 'snappy' which you mixed in to the body portion of your drum. If you and some stereoizing effect to the white noise along you'll get nice spacial effect a bit like reverb. Another layer of noise kept central with shorter envelope times makes a nice tight transient whilst your stereo noise should have a longer tail. Each noise part can be filtered separately 'with filter envelop modulation if you wish' You can pretty soon start building up very unique sounds all your own.