How to Rig an Election in the United States

shpongling tom

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hey everyone,

politics student from york
have begun to become emersed in phy music all thanks to boinktastik and his wired and wounderful friends :hehe:

trying to find some events to go in my area (forever hopefull!!)

as promised:

give it a go......its worth a chuckle or two
Let me be the first to welcome you

:welcome: hope you enjoy

Love & light

Mrs B :Smile3:
<span style='color:purple'>don't u just get your brother 2 rig the vote 4 u?!

hey & welcome! :hehe: </span>
U have 2 options If u dont find any party around your place:
U can go to another places or we can make a party there, what do u think?? hahaha

U made the right choice joining this forum, it is a really nice place with interesting people!!!