How to Sort out putting Mixes Online

I would like to know as well...... :juggle:
You need to encode it in either .wma or .mp3 preferably, get somewhere to host it, you need a lot of space, no filesize limits and generous bandwidth allocations - suitable services aren't usually free but web-mania offer hosting for £20 a year which is the cheapest I've found.

Then you just need to FTP up to your host, create a link and Bob's your mothers brother.

Alternatively you could search this very forum and see if there are any kind offers of mix hosting...
yeah that web-mania deal doesnt look too bad I have to say ... quite tempted to sign up for some of that ! Btw what bitrate do peeps generally encode there mixes in for optimal b/w vs. quality ?

Btw depending on how much space u need check - they do a free account with 100mb web space, 1GB email space and 250mb pic space .. I signed up for this a while ago and couldnt get the web stuff working ... turns out it takes a while for them to configure the space and it seems to be ok now. They dont mention anything about b/w restrictions either.

hey up marc,

i checked out spymac and whilst it seems that they give a certain amount free, once i signed up it seemed that you had to pay for the hosting of stuff :o(

am i being a dufus or do you actually have to pay?
Marc said:
Btw what bitrate do peeps generally encode there mixes in for optimal b/w vs. quality ?

Use a decent mp3 converter to something like 192. If to big then 160 or 128. i would have thought that for a dj mix u would want 128. Less than that is a bit rubbish sound-wise. That said if a long mix then even 128 will be a huge file.
192 is about 85 meg per hour of audio, 128 is about 55 meg per hour.

For download only I tend to use 128kbps CBR encoded by LAME which is going to sound OK and makes the file small enough for people to bother downloading.

Usually though my mixes have been aired on internet radio somewhere so will already be on my HDD in 192kbps CBR and I'm generally to lazy to re-encode them.
i was lucky and had a friend who had payed for a web host, and wasnt using anywhere near his monthly allocated bandwidth, so he created me an account on his ftp and lets me use it when i please.

there are other "free" hosts, but they dont allow mp3's or files over a certain size. forget about them.

the only other option i can think of is quite illegal, so lets not get into that one :Wink3:
Biggins2012 said:
sorry silly question and i'm sure its been asked before but if i wanted to put some DJ mixes online, how would i do it? and can i do it for free??



try this site it is mainly a progressive house website but they have a downloads section of all genres and will host your mix for free.
753dfx, I had a look at connected up but when I tried to submit a tune it started asking for a web address to link to which suggests to me that it must already be on the net for them to host it. (though i've prob got it all wrong)

I wasn't even sure that they were actually hosting it at all esp with the name connectedup which suggests they simply provide a list of links to tunes elsewhere and just connect people who write tunes to each other.

I've almost certainly got it all mixed up :? , how did they host yours?

i'm still trying to sort it out.......mind you the mixes are pilling up and they might just get sent to mike for some radio action instead :Smile3:
Hi all
I use Streamload for storage and putting my stuff up and @£5.58 ($9.99 us)a month for 10gig of download i think its a bargain. Also you have unlimited storage on it and i have over 2 terra bytes shit in there that i can take at my choosing.
I have a 1mb connection and it peaks out on downloads @140kbs everytime:Wink3:

check it