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Ey, I Be Dan, mid twenties something danish bred, residing in sweden.

Had an interest/liking in psytrance and the likes since .. somewhere in the mid 90's (track that got me hooked was phoenix - the dawn)..

and .. yeah .. hi =)

Ps. Not Aurora's Bitch.


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welcome dan :Smile3: nice to see you lurking in this corner of cyberspace too :Grin:

hope you can make it over to one of our parties again :Smile3:

for everyone's info, and so they don't get confused

Dan, in typical pose

Walter (from the Big Lebowski, on the right), chilling at Sonica


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Daan said:
Ps. Not Aurora's Bitch.

:Grin: A big welcome :Grin:

ps must be a typo, should be NOTE: Auroras bitch :P