Howdy y'all!

Milky Tom

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Hey there all!

Last weekend was my first experience of psy-trance!

It took my mate John some dedicated cajoling to get me out to the woods of Willesden, and now a week later, my head just about recovered, I have to say, thanks buddy...IT WAS AWESOME!

I was blown away with the friendly people, banging beats and the um...rather fun things i ate and smoked &lt:Wink3: Not to mention the wicked coloured eggs that me n my mates raved with!

Well a week on and i think i got the bug, 'cos now its me asking John where the next one will be! Prob see u all there!

Take it easy,
Tom of The Egg Tribe!
Welcome to the forum mate. It's a rather fun and friendly place I must say! :sun:

Glad you had fun at Willsden last weekend. Party Time has come back round again! :partysmi:
Welcome to the forum, Indigo was Wkd. You might find yaself in the pics

:sun: :wizard1:
:speaker: :speaker:
:shrooms: :party2: :shrooms:
weren't those eggs great :Grin:

glad to see another has caught the bug... see you soon for some :partysmi: :wizard1: :shrooms: :drinking: :peace:
Good to see lots of new peeps to the psy scene!

:welcome: buddy n enjoy! :Grin:

Thanks guys!

Just to say thanks very much to
steveo, percy, lulu, Ratty, opia goa_kev and Wiley Peyote
for the friendly welcomes!

Anyone catch Stanmore last weekend?

All good stuff!