Circling the Drain
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Hello all,
I have a love of music and no patience with middle of the road stuff. I was well into the free party scene in the early 90's and spent lots of time having fun. Then the weight of the world got me down and I fell out of the scene. Work and caining it don't really go hand in hand for very long.
Anyway last year things began to calm down, I had a bit of free time and money :ibiggrin: I realised what I had been missing. I went to a few festivals and pay parties and had a great time. I just got my tickets for the Twisted party in London and I am unbelievably excited about it. Hallucinogen are possibly the only act I have really wanted to see but never got too. Simon is a trance God.
I was reading a tread about the best live moment, mine would have to be orbital's Dr who theme the first time I heard it, it was really very dirty :ibiggrin: :ibiggrin: :ibiggrin: :ibiggrin: .
Cheers Tombo