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I've just started studying in London last september. I went to a psy-party on my b-day, on the 4th Jan in 7 sisters, which was wicked. I'm going to this Underground Sound Force party tonight. I think they're the same outfit who sorted out the party on my b-day. If they are I'm well looking forward to it. If not cheers anyway for the 4 Jan, awesome stuff.

Enough rant... The reason I'm on this forum anyway is for the PARTIES!

If anyone knows of any or is organising and wants armies of lunatics to invade the dancefloor let me know.

:speaker: Tragically I look quite a lot like this guy at parties... Apart from the shades.

Keep rockin'!

Owen (Clawmonkey)


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:welcome: Welcome to psyforum Claw monkey,
if parties is what u r after, you'll find em ere!! :Wink3:


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:welcome: dude and yes, that Crystal Fields party was a perfect belated New Years!! :Smile3:


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Allo Owen,

Glad you enjoyed the party. Look forward to seeing you at the next one, whenever that may be.

Charlie Field


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Jon Kenobi

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Hi Owen. If Parties is what you after then there are more in here than you can shake a wet kipper at. Catch you on the trancefloor sometime in the future
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