How's this for autocracy?


dave arc-i

The Home Office says any idea of moving towards a French-style inquisitorial, rather than adversarial court system, is "very long term" and not being actively considered.

mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah - love the contradiction but a least we can get an idea of where they want to take us


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Well - depends on your idea of free really. And what you'd give for that freedom. Or lose for it.

I know someone being investigated in Germany for some offence. He's been held in jail for 18 months so far. They've just post-poned the trial again. In many countries you are guilty until proven innocent. Makes you appreciate what we have here just a little more.

If they moved towards holding people indefinitely here, I suspect there'd be a huge backlash. May be enough to dissuade them from doing that in the first place.
We don't have freedom here lala...

"Harmondsworth is one of a string of immigration removal centres around the UK.

Of the 1,600 people in detention on 27 March 2004, 585 had been held for less than two weeks. But 130 people had been held for up to 12 months - and 80 for more than a year, their cases having not ended either way

There are no official statistics for the number of families being held but Home Office figures say there were 30 children being held in detention."

Repeat after me. "Every day, in every way, our human rights and freedoms are eroded." :Wink3:




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Um... I agree that we're not free here. I was more trying to state that we run on a system required to prove your guilt and not your innocence. Which makes it a lot easier in some ways... BUT - if they do al of a sudden start holding people for random reasons, then they can start shooting more people for no reasons... and then welcome to Orwellian culture.

Hugs back to you, Barclay! :Smile3:
Nah, you're just an exhibitionist :Wink3: