HTC Vive VR headset and Thrustmaster T500RS wheel


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Preston, Lancashire
I've decided to sell up my VR headset HTC Vive, along with my racing wheel Thrustmaster T500RS with its Wheelstand Pro stand. Both are in are in great condition and haven't had much use.

The HTC Vive is fully boxed and comes with the lighthouses, controllers, breakout box and chargers. It also comes with a spare but faulty controller for spare parts should you damage one of the working controllers. The Vive has no dead pixels that I've noticed.
I want £500 for this, collection only, and of course you can have a full demo of it working before hand.

The Thrustmaster T500RS wheel has hardly been used and sat in the corner of a room collecting dust for the most part. It is not boxed but it is in near pristine condition. The Wheelstand pro comes also comes with a bar for the add on gear stick should you add that at a later date.
I want £200 for the wheel and stand. Collection only with the obligatory demo of it working before hand.

Will consider trades for the T500RS for a Windows 10, 64bit compatible PCIe soundcard with AES/EBU. RME, Lynx, Marian.

I'm located in Preston, Lancashire.